Creative Content Marketing

Master Your Messaging, Master Your Marketing

Websites with quality content get nearly 8X more visitors than websites with generic content. Even in a world of artificial intelligence and selfies, words are still the driving force behind successful businesses.

Content marketing also delivers more bang for your marketing buck. It is 62% cheaper than outbound marketing such as commercials, radio ads, or digital advertising and delivers 3X the results.

Success Stories


    1. Getting To Know You

    Your why is important. Why did you get into the business? Why do you love this business? Why is your business different?

    2. Discovering Your Big Idea

    Whether you’re building a website or launching a blog, your content has to support a big idea or make one main point.

      3. It's All about the Customer

      The best content speaks directly to your customers’ needs, fears, or desires. Once we know what’s important to your customer, we are ready to get rolling.

      4. The Right Content for the Job

      When we nail down the big idea, we need to decide the best way to get your message out there.

      5. Dive into the Research

      Great research is the lifeblood of great content. I dig in and find the information that appeals to your audience and makes your business stand out.

      6. Pen Meets Paper

      Now, I’m ready to put my wordsmithing skills to work.

      7. It's Time for Feedback

      This is where I show you what I’ve come up with and mix in any feedback you may have. Then we start getting ready for the next piece.


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      A great blog engages your audience, turns you into a thought leader and makes the search engines happy.


      Without messaging that connects with visitors and inspires actions your website is a little more than a boring business card.


      Whether it is a trade publication, print magazine, or a digital magazine, I can help you craft an article that showcases your expertise for the world to see.


      If you want to take a deep dive into a topic to show off your expertise, a white paper is just what you need.


      Memorable messaging that motivates keeps your email campaigns humming.

      Tom Jenkins

      Master Wordsmith

      When I’m not making words work for a client, I’m probably trying to catch some fish, tinker with a computer, or hanging out with my nieces and nephew.

      All and all, I’m a pretty simple fella. I like the challenge of helping my clients create the right message at the right time, and I enjoy the little things in life.

       636 866 7031


      Marketing Agencies

      Despite all the technology available to marketers today, great content is and will always be the king of the marketing world.

      A clear and memorable message should be at the heart of every great piece of content your agency creates. Because content is still king of the marketing world, a copywriter that makes your agency shine could be your crown jewel.

      Great agencies aren’t great because they create good content or win some award. They’re great because they’ve built an awesome team that delivers big results for their clients.

      I’m a clever copywriter who is dependable and delivers results. Delivering results is the name of the game. But, it’s much easier to knock a client’s socks off when your team works together. I quickly develop a strong rapport with my teammates and clients which allows me to hit the ground running and fit in well with any team.



      HubSpot has been around for over 15 years and has become one of the most respected names in the world of content marketing.

      I learned new techniques from trusted marketing experts that I can use to help you attract the kind of customers that move the needle for your business.


      The term copywriter gets thrown around a lot. A true copywriter is able to use words to persuade their audience to take action. 

      Earning a certification from DigitalMarketer and AWAI means I’ve learned from copywriting legends and can motivate your audience to take action.


      Let’s be honest, you don’t really care about my certifications. What you do care about is that I am continually building my skills to create better content for you.


      As a master wordsmith and conversational copywriter, I bring your brand to life with a warm and engaging style. Creating a unique brand voice and personality sets you apart from the competition.

      As your wordsmithing and content marketing teammate, I will use my skills to help you create value for your customers. Then I’ll help you turn that value into opportunities to grow your business.

      Nobody wants to be stuck with an unreliable teammate. I’m diligent, dependable, and if I am being honest, downright delightful.


      St. Louis, Missouri

      636 866 7031

      Mon.–Fri., 8:00am–5:00pm

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